Act: Study Subject: History Topic: _



Act: Study
Subject: History
Topic: _


performance about the act of learning the trading history between England and Porto through wine and cod

International Conference on Live Interfaces 2018, Porto, Portugal

14 June 2018


歴史を学ぶという行為についてのパフォーマンス(イギリスとポルト間の貿易史を、ワインとタラを通して学んだ )

International Conference on Live Interfaces 2018(ポルトガル、ポルト)




In this performance, the fixity and fluidity of history, digital materials, documenting and recording are explored by improvising the act of studying history, and improvising with the immediate recordings of the act. The recorded sounds of reading, writing, squiggling, drinking, eating and occasional mumbling are fluidified through Kakinoki’s physical manipulation. What the performer does can be regarded as learning, examining, organising, disorganising, manipulating or forging both certain history and the act of learning it. The nature and poetic sentiment of the act of learning are inherent elements behind the performance too.

The trading history between England and Porto through wine and cod was studied in this performance instance.

Keywords: fluidity, fixity, physical presence, performance, improvisation, history, learning, digital audio, audiovisual, Derivative TouchDesigner, Cycling '74 Max, international trade, food, drink, wine, cod, Porto, Douro, England




キーワード:流動性、固定性、肉体的存在感、パフォーマンス、即興、歴史、学ぶということ、デジタルオーディオ、オーディオビジュアル、Derivative TouchDesigner、Cycling '74 Max、国際貿易、食、飲料、ワイン、タラ、ポルト、ドウロ、イングランド



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