£4.80 salmon-roll (bap), £2.50 cup of coffee, £5.50 cheese-cake


£4.80 salmon-roll (bap), £2.50 cup of coffee, £5.50 cheese-cake


site-specific sonic work responding to Leadenhall Market, London

2 channel audio, 6 mins

the piece can be listened to 24/7 by using (preferably good) headphones/earphones and connecting a handheld device to the Musicity webapp on your smartphone at Leadenhall Market (London).

commissioned by Musicity x Sculpture in the City

Launched at Nocturnal Creatures, Whitechapel Gallery’s late-night festival

6 pm 21 July 2018 > Present


ロンドンのLeadenhall Marketのために作られたサイトスペシフィック音響作品


ロンドンのLeadenhall Marketにて、お手持ちのスマートフォンなどのデバイスからMusicityのウェブサイトにアクセスすると、お聴きいただけます。お手持ちのデバイスに接続できる(できれば音の良い)ヘッドホンかイヤホンのご持参が必要です

Musicity x Sculpture in the Cityからの委嘱

Whitechapel GalleryのNocturnal Creatures late-night festivalにて発表




This site-specific sonic work is Kakinoki’s response to Leadenhall Market. Among the several options of the places in City of London suggested by the commissioner, Kakinoki chose the place because of his ongoing research interest in the food culture and human history. 

Kakinoki's research went from the old maps of the area, the historical books on the subject, the literary works and the advertisements in different centuries depicting the past of the market, to the English food history about meat and fish. Along with the research, Kakinoki visited the market at different times to observe it, eat and drink in the shops, talk to the merchants of today, and soak himself into the visible and invisible history of it.

Considering the market’s historical identity as a fresh food market, the market has changed a lot, while its streets and alleys remain almost identical to what they used to be hundreds of years ago. Fenchurch Street, Leadenhall Street, Lime Street, Gracechurch Street, which surrounds the market today, can be found in the A to Z map of Elizabethan London made in around 1560. 

In the work, the conflicting layers of the spoken words on the multiple aspects extracted from the researched histories, the field recording of Kakinoki walking in the current market while talking to himself and people at different hours, and the noisy interludes generated from the sounds recorded at the site including construction work, invite the audience to dive into the place, with various elements including historical dynamicity, transience and dignity inherent in the market. The spoken words were read by artist Doran Edwards, whose family have roots in East London, and his accent provides another layer to the piece.



Doran Edwards, the people in Leadenhall Market, Kakinoki Masato

Special thanks to:

Michael Koullas, Raffaella Moreira, Martin Lau, Lionel Ward, Tan Wang, Jonny Tanna, Andrew Cheng, Andrew Lewis


このサイトスペシフィック音響作品はLeadenhall Marketに対するKakinokiによる応答である。委嘱元(Musicity x Sculpture in the City)から提示されたCity of London内のいくつかの場所の中から、Kakinokiは彼のリサーチ対象である食文化と人類史との関連性において、この場所を選択した。


Leadenhall Marketの生鮮食品市場としての歴史的アイデンティティから考えれば、この場所は大きく変わったが、現在マーケットを囲むFenchurch Street、Leadenhall Street、Lime Street、Gracechurch Streetといった通りは、1560年頃に編纂された『A to Z map of Elizabethan London』でも確認することができる。

作品においては、リサーチした歴史から抽出された多数の様相を語るスポークン・ワード、Kakinokiがいくつかの異なる時間帯に自分自身や人々と会話をしながら今のマーケットの中を歩くフィールド・レコーディング、マーケットで行われていた建設工事の音から創出されたノイジーな間奏といった矛盾し合うレイヤー群が、歴史的動的性、一時性、尊厳といったマーケットに内在する様々な要素とともに、鑑賞者をこの場所への没頭に招き入れる。スポークン・ワードは、家族が東ロンドンにルーツを持つ、アーティストのDoran Edwardsによるもので、その出自による訛りが作品にもう一つのレイヤーを加えている。



Doran Edwards, Leadenhall Marketの人々, Kakinoki Masato

Special thanks to:

Michael Koullas, Raffaella Moreira, Martin Lau, Lionel Ward, Tan Wang, Jonny Tanna, Andrew Cheng, Andrew Lewis


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